Oct. 17, 2022

EP01: The Framework In Dictating A Path To Migration And Success - Trevor McGregor

EP01: The Framework In Dictating A Path To Migration And Success - Trevor McGregor

Now is the chance to transform and unleash your potential as you'll experience high-performance coaching from Trevor McGregor in this episode. Today, you'll learn about his migration story, the six universal human needs, and ways to shift your mentality to overcome setbacks. Start listening and be immersed in this fantastic conversation!

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  • Why you shouldn’t lose hope after a failure
  • What are the 4S’s of mindset success
  • The value of making and accepting changes in life
  • 2 ways to meet and fulfill human needs
  • How to react and respond to life circumstances in the best way possible

About Trevor McGregor

Trevor is a High Performance - Master Coach with over 30,000 hours of coaching experience under his belt. He has worked with clients from around the world, including Fortune 500 executives, high-level real estate investors, entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, and business professionals, and they all come to him for one reason: Life-Changing Transformation. In addition to running his own private coaching practice, Trevor was a Master Platinum Coach with the Tony Robbins Group, offering elite coaching unlike any other program in the world.  Prior to that, he spent over 20 years in Corporate working as the Executive Director of Operations for a very successful Company. Trevor is also an active and passive Real Estate Investor holding assets in his portfolio that ranges from owning single-family homes to Multi-family apartment buildings all over the US, Self-Storage units in Key West Florida, and even an Agricultural Hemp Farm in Colorado.  He has also been an impact investor in many exciting projects around the world, including Costa Rica and as far away as Australia.  His mission is to assist others in realizing their true power and hidden potential to achieve more success, wealth, freedom, and contribution than they ever thought possible. Trevor lives with his wife Leesa and their 3 amazing boys in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


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