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Great questions

Saket is the best at asking deep thought provoking questions. I love this podcast!

Awesome podcast!

Thanks Saket for launching this podcast and for having awesome guests on. -Sarry

A wealth of inspiration and information

I stumbled across this podcast when I was looking to raise my financial education. These conversations are packed full of gold, especially for immigrants that have a fixed money mindset. It’s eye opening to see how others are building wealth. Thank you Saket!


Very helpful and insightful. I enjoyed listeing to this podcast. Keep up the good work.

Thank you!

Working my way up through all your content and so far I am loving it! Thank you so much for the show!

Amazing Host!

Saket is a fantastic host and has a really great interview style. I got a ton of insights from the interviews. Definitely a show to tune into!

Insightful and Educational

This podcast is entertaining, educational, and gives real life examples and experience. Love listening to the show and always look forward to hearing the guests!

Great episode

So insightful to listen to this podcast. Great pearls and tips that sometimes we forget to use in our day today functioning of our companies.

Awesome show!

Loved this show, I got to listen to a few episodes and it’s always great. They have some great information & awesome guests I’m glad I had the pleasure to be part of it as well.

Inspiring, Intelligent, Transformative

I have listened to many episodes on Migrate2Wealth, and am glad to have come across this podcast. Just like Saket’s alma mater the podcasts are IIT (Inspiring, Intelligent, and Transformative). As an entrepreneur, I appreciate the variety of guests that give me a different perspective on wealth management, from their personal experience and positions.


The podcast was informative yet entertaining. I found myself listening enthusiastically to the episode. I guess I know that I shall be joining in again for other episodes.

Founder and CEO

Saket Jain is the host of the Migrate 2 Wealth podcast in which he clearly highlights all aspects of real estate, entrepreneurship and more!!! I feel these are not to be missed podcasts. The Host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens. I love listening to Saket and the advice he gives. It helps me identify the right deals when looking at real estate and focus on long term profitability, I also love his background and how he started from scratch and turned his life around with working hard and investing in the right places. Always Looking forward to the next one!!!!!

Insightful and Engaging Podcast

Saket is a great podcast host, who really does his homework with each guest he brings on. The podcasts are fun and engaging, and I was able to share my expertise to really connect with the audience. Thank you for a great conversation Saket and I look forward to being on with you again in the future! ~Veena

Great podcast with real/practical insights

It’s rare to find speakers with such depth of financial knowledge but yet are able to break it down so eloquently. I love the insights, roadmap to investing and how to leverage cash/assets to creat wealth. Please keep them coming!!!

Path to financial freedom

Passive income does have a way of giving freedom to ppl. I’m so grateful to Mr.Saketh Jain for this great interview. Appreciate the great effort.

Informative and great guests

Excellent podcast. High quality topics and expert guests who always add value. Keep up the good work

Great podcast

This is a great podcast. Everyone listening to this will get massive value. We all have different backgrounds and come from different industries and I’ve all those things were ultimately looking for the same thing .. freedom. This information helps people find it

Great Content

Love your content. Keep up the good work

Beyond retirement accounts...

These podcasts provide amazing wealth building insights beyond the traditional world of IRAs, 401ks and stock brokerage accounts. There are a lot of alternatives out there and i'm grateful Saket and his guests unpack it all for me here in one place. I have listened to several of them and look forward to more interesting insights.

Very Informative

I enjoy listening to your podcast. I have listed to all the episodes and getting to know what your guests have been doing is like digging into a gold mine.

Very informative

Saket is able to get on board with people from diverse areas and brings a wealth of information on his podcasts

Positive Energy

I listened to Sakets podcasts. It's a series where you are very keen to know what next and the knowledge which is pure and thoughtful is absolutely fantastic. It's not just about money, but also the openess towards helping the community which makes Saket shine. I highly recommend Sakets expertise to others.

People business

Grateful i got to share my story and insights in multifamily investing with my friend and business partner on his show ! Amazing conversation:)


What an honor to be a guest on this show. Saket leads a dynamic conversation with lots of insights

Wealth of Knowledge

Saket and his guests really bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Each episode is informative and useful. Keep it up!

Kinnari Prajapati

I listened some of Saket's podcasts here and found them truly educational. Looking forward to finish more in next few days and get myself well educated. Highly recommended.

Very Educational

Both of them are very educational and knowledgeable GPs.

Good insights

I have enjoyed listening to these and the probing questions the host asks the guests. The insights are highly actionable as well. Recommended.

Saket adds impact wherever he goes

I was so excited to see that Saket was starting a podcast. He is a whip smart conversationalist and asks great questions. If you want to make impact be sure to check out this podcast and see the amazing line up of knowledgeable guests.

My favorite actionable financial insight

Mindset mindset mindset with positive energy and humbling attitude, this is one of my favorite podcasts! Packed with actionable insights. What I like the most about the show is that it's not just about the mechanics of investing but Saket stresses a lot about having the right mindset. Saket is a fantastic host. His passion and his positive attitude towards life are very contagious.