Jan. 24, 2023

EP30: Syndications | Your Access Point To Living Life By Design - Annie Dickerson

EP30: Syndications | Your Access Point To Living Life By Design - Annie Dickerson

Today, renowned expert Annie Dickerson talks about the potential of real estate syndications and how she makes this investing strategy accessible to everyone. Check out her inspiring story and efforts to help others live on their terms and make an impact with their investments!

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  • What to do when you’re about to make tough decisions
  •  Investor relations strategy for new syndicators
  • A look back at what changed in the real estate syndication
  • The value of teaching kids about business and investing 
  • Why you should always ask questions and think differently


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About Annie Dickerson

Annie Dickerson is a real estate investing expert with over a decade of experience. She is the COO at Goodegg Investments, a company that helps people invest passively in real estate syndications. Together with her business partner, Julie Lam, they have helped hundreds of investors nationwide to invest passively in commercial real estate assets in strong, growing markets.

Julie and Annie are authors of the book Investing For Good: The Surprising Strategy For Building Wealth While Also Making An Impact, co-hosts of the podcast the Life and Money Show, and creators of the Real Estate Accelerator, a top-rated mentorship program designed to help people learn how to scale and grow their private real estate investments.

Annie lives in San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two kids.


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