March 30, 2023

EP49: What You Need To Know About Life Insurance Policies - Rod Zabriskie

EP49: What You Need To Know About Life Insurance Policies - Rod Zabriskie

In the present discussion, Rod Zabriskie delves into the topic of several life insurance policies, their potential benefits, and their significance. If you're planning to obtain one, listen to this episode to gain insight into the advantages of the insurance policy offered by Rod and why it represents a high-quality financial instrument for investors.

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  • Why it’s ideal to invest in a life insurance policy today
  • Typical whole life insurance policy vs. Money Insights’ policies
  • Who should you get as your insurance agent?
  • Understanding the tax-efficient nature of a life insurance
  • Great advice for people who want to start investing 

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About Rod Zabriskie

Rod is the President of Money Insights, working directly with clients and the team to create an enjoyable environment. He has worked in financial services since 2009, after a decade of working in small businesses for others. He holds an MBA with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and an undergraduate degree in Marketing Communications. Rod is married to Jodi, and they have seven amazing children.


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