April 4, 2023

EP50: Optimize Your Health To Maximize Your Wealth - Zankhna Parekh

EP50: Optimize Your Health To Maximize Your Wealth - Zankhna Parekh

As you know, good health forms the true foundation of wealth. So, in this episode, Zankhna Parekh shares her experience of overcoming a chronic illness to help you understand how to manage your own. Tune in to gain insights into health and wellness and how they relate to your entrepreneurial success!

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  • The detrimental effects of chronic illnesses
  • What makes chronic conditions even more difficult?
  • Process of discovering a chronic disease’s cause
  • Why modern medicine can’t detect and cure chronic illnesses
  • Real advantages of functional medicine and who can benefit from it


About Zankhna Parekh

Zankhna is a serial entrepreneur, physical therapist, philanthropist, and functional medicine practitioner. She is the CEO and Creative Director of Zankhna Designs,  health and wellness educator at Healing Chronic Illness and Longevity, and co-founder of the Parekh Family Foundation. Despite leading a clean and healthy lifestyle, Zankhna became a victim of a debilitating chronic illness. For the last 15 years, Zankhna has focused her attention on alternative healing methods and has focused her education and practice on following the principles of functional medicine. She has over 20 years of experience in alternative healing, treatment modalities, and biohacking methods to lead a long, healthy life.


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