April 14, 2023

EP53: Personal Investment Philosophy For 2023 From The “Mad Scientist of Multifamily” - Neal Bawa

EP53: Personal Investment Philosophy For 2023 From The “Mad Scientist of Multifamily” - Neal Bawa

Take Neal Bawa’s data-driven perspective and use it to your advantage as he highlights the unique conditions of the multifamily market for 2023, plus helpful tips for passive and active investors. Dial into this episode to mitigate risks and invest wiser than ever!

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  • Reasons why Neal invests in real estate
  • What’s going on with the multifamily market conditions
  • Investing passively in multifamily assets in 2023: Good or bad thing?
  • Why it’s the best time to invest in real estate
  • Ultimate tips for underwriting multifamily deals in today’s market


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About Neal Bawa

Neal is a technologist universally known in real estate circles as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily and serves as CEO/founder at Grocapitus Investments, an iconic, data-driven commercial real estate investment company. Neal Bawa owns and manages a $1 billion multifamily real estate portfolio of over 4,800 apartment units in 10 U.S. States. Over 800 investors have invested over $260 Million in his projects.

Neal is also the CEO of UGro and MultifamilyU. He has a relentless passion for teaching and mentoring. He speaks at multifamily events, IRA events, meetups, and conferences nationwide. Nearly 5,000 students attend his multifamily webinar series each year.


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