May 9, 2023

EP60: The Art of Wealth, Freedom, and Happiness - New Chinchin

EP60: The Art of Wealth, Freedom, and Happiness - New Chinchin

Discover how to manage your money effectively without sacrificing the things you love as we delve into New Chinchin's creative approach to life and finance. Start listening to feel motivated and empowered as we explore ways to achieve financial freedom, stability, and happiness together!

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  • A unique perspective on freedom and stability
  • The significance of happiness in selecting a career path
  • Reasons why you should assess your expenses
  • How the older generation can shape the younger generation's viewpoint on finances
  • 3-step framework for organizing your finances and things that hampers them


About New Chinchin

New Chinchin is an experienced entrepreneur and speaker with an impressive background in tech ventures from Singapore. Throughout her 20+ year career, she has founded and co-founded several successful companies, gaining valuable insights into finance and money management. Despite her success, New Chinchin faced challenges in managing her finances and achieving financial independence. Based on her own experiences, New Chinchin created The Carefree Financial Independence Program to empower others to take control of their finances and achieve a carefree lifestyle. She also wrote four books on money management covering investment, compounding, and financial independence.


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