May 16, 2023

EP62: How AI Is Revolutionizing Businesses - Vanessa Alfaro

EP62: How AI Is Revolutionizing Businesses - Vanessa Alfaro

Join us in an enlightening conversation with Vanessa Alfaro as we explore the true potential of AI for businesses and debunk common misconceptions. Despite discussions about AI surpassing humans, Vanessa will provide valuable insights into how AI functions and its significant advantages.

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  • The power of decision and an effective decision-making framework 
  • Spreadsheets: How it can help you in making real estate investments
  • Breaking down the experience of starting a real estate business
  • AI tools and the advantages they bring to entrepreneurs
  •  How to obtain the best results from AI tools like ChatGPT


Resources/Links Mentioned In This Episode


Check out these excellent AI-powered tools that can help boost your productivity. And guess what? You can get a free e-guide with tips and tricks to optimize your workflow. Just click the link below to download it:


About Vanessa Alfaro

A successful entrepreneur and real estate investor, Vanessa Alfaro founded multiple multimillion-dollar companies across three countries. The book "10 Paths" recognizes her as one of the top ten successful real estate investors in 2022. As the founder of Venus Capital Partners, a women-owned real estate investment firm, Vanessa leverages cutting-edge technology and AI integration to optimize operations to provide investors with the best opportunities in real estate investing and acquiring assets in emerging markets in the US. 

Vanessa accomplished an impressive $50 AUM within three years. She holds an MBA, a master's in marketing, and a BBA. Additionally, she actively supports Invisible People, a nonprofit organization advocating for homelessness. Vanessa resides in Beverly Hills with her husband and five children.


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