May 23, 2023

EP64: Master Multifamily Investing with These Key Property Management Practices - Ed Mathews

EP64: Master Multifamily Investing with These Key Property Management Practices - Ed Mathews

Today, we welcome Ed Mathews to the show for an eye-opening discussion on why you should consider investing in multifamily real estate. This episode will serve as your comprehensive guide to effectively navigate the current market and enhance your property management. Don’t miss this ultimate game-changer for your financial success!

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  • Game-changing benefits of shifting from corporate to multifamily real estate 
  • Efficient methods for property management that yield optimal results
  • Key factors to consider when navigating the uncertainties of the real estate market
  • Strategies to overcome challenges in raising capital 
  • Why real estate is an arithmetic business


Resources/Links Mentioned In This Episode


About Ed Mathews

Ed has been a Real Estate Investor since 2010. He spent 25+ years working for cool Silicon Valley start-ups. He bought his first rental property in 2010 and built his investing business, Clark St Properties, part-time. 

In 2018, Ed left the corporate rat race and now invests in flips and rental properties in Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Ed is also a partner in Elevista, a rapidly growing Property Management company in Vermont, and an angel investor in two technology start-ups. 

When not chasing real estate and tech start-up deals, Ed spends his time with his wife, Patricia, their two daughters, and their dogs, Caroline and Abbie.


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