May 25, 2023

EP65: Unveiling The Benefits Of Private Money Lending In Real Estate - Kevin Amolsch

EP65: Unveiling The Benefits Of Private Money Lending In Real Estate - Kevin Amolsch

Today, we invited Kevin Amolsch to share his journey in the real estate industry after numerous trials and opportunities, plus the aha moment that pushed him to help other investors through private money lending. Tune in to this episode as we introduce tactics that can shift your perspective and guide you on your first steps in building wealth!

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  • Creative ways to fund your real estate acquisitions
  • Lease option: Definition, process, and benefits
  • The impact of private lending that we don’t get to hear and see 
  • Important considerations when assessing debt funds
  • Essential advice on setting life or career goals


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About Kevin Amolsch

Kevin Amolsch founded Pine Financial Group, Inc, established in 2008. With a degree in Finance and four years of military service, he has over 20 years of real estate investment experience. As a buyer, seller, and private money lender, Kevin and his company have closed over 2,200 transactions. With access to $130 million in private equity, Pine Financial Group, Inc continues to experience strong growth. Kevin is also an author, speaker and has been featured in publications like Forbes and Yahoo Real Estate.


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